Golden Events Group Announces Internship Opportunities

Leaders at Golden Events Group announced that they are seeking marketing and management interns. The interns will work side by side with the Director of Operations, learning the company's unique methodology and seeing what it takes to be a business leader.

“One of our Golden Events Group values is leadership, and we take that very seriously,” stated Kaitlin, the firm’s Director of Operations. “To us, this means leading in our community as well as our industry. To that end, we are proud to offer internships to qualified college students and graduates. We are looking for individuals that are excited about learning a lot of new skill sets, working hard, and making the most of this great opportunity.”

Specifically, Kaitlin is seeking people who want to learn the practical side of events-based sales campaigns. This will include understanding a brand’s target demographic and creating an outreach campaign that will attract buyer attention, along with event coordination techniques and strategic communication skills. Also, interns will be working closely with the Director herself, so they will learn management tasks like training, interviewing, and how to lead a team.

"In some ways, it doesn't really matter what companies think of Gen Y though, because as of 2015 they are the largest generation of American workers,"

Kaitlin, Director of Operations

“Our company is a fast-growing leader in the industry, works with Fortune 500 companies, and will provide interns with an exciting, team-oriented environment where they can have fun, learn, and grow,” Kaitlin declared. “Along with leadership, Golden Events Group values positivity, lifelong learning, work ethic, accountability, reliability and initiative – and our operations are informed by these principles at every level of the business. Being involved with a values-driven company by itself is a unique prospect, and we have so much more to offer as well!”

Golden Events Group Leader on Working With Millennials

Kaitlin recognizes that many companies claim to have difficulties working with millennials, but she says this need not be the case. She and other Golden Events Group leaders find the generation’s fresh perspectives and tech-savviness very refreshing, and as a whole they’re much more ambitious than the internet would lead business leaders to believe.

“In some ways, it doesn’t really matter what companies think of Gen Y though, because as of 2015 they are the largest generation of American workers,” Kaitlin stated. “We at Golden Events Group enjoy working with such a dynamic generation and we have found a few strategies that have helped us adapt to the uniqueness of millennials’.”

For example, Kaitlin mentioned that experience is not as important to her as a proven dedication to learning. This shows a hunger for new knowledge, and indicates a person who will eagerly absorb what a Golden Events Group internship has to offer. Also, rather than fight the tendency to job-hop, the Director recommended making sure that company hierarchy is as flat as possible. This makes it possible to promote both laterally and vertically, and keeps millennials engaged.

“I think what we have to offer interns is unique and very worthwhile, and after working with us we’re sure people will be more qualified to make meaningful contributions anywhere – though I hope they enjoy themselves so much they want to stay! We work closely with UT Dallas, UT Austin, SMU, and Dallas Baptist, so students and grads at these colleges should speak with their career advisors about interning with Golden Events Group.”

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