Golden Events Group Attends Conference for Success Training

Every year, top producers from Golden Events Group earn the right to attend a national conference. The firm’s Director of Operations, Kaitlin, discussed the benefits of this event, and traveling to conventions in general.

“When it comes to business success, we believe entrepreneurs are the gold standard,” shared Kaitlin. “Entrepreneurs think differently than other people; they’re problem solvers, they’re self-motivated, and they never stop learning. These are all attributes we promote at Golden Events Group, and entrepreneurial thinking is what we learned during the conference weekend.” 

"Our company is a leader in training and development, and it's invaluable for us to learn from other companies and adopt their best practices in our sales strategies."

Kaitlin , Director of Operations

Qualifying associates from Golden Events Group had the opportunity to attend a national leadership conference for marketers. Not only did those who attended expand their professional networks and learn from movers and shakers in the industry, they also picked up on the latest promotion techniques related to exhibit marketing.

“Our company is a leader in training and development, and it’s invaluable for us to learn from other companies and adopt their best practices in our sales strategies,” stated Kaitlin. “We send our newest top performers to this conference each year to give them a competitive advantage and accelerate their learning. For us the payoff is seen immediately and we consistently promote the team members who attend and learn the industry best practices.”

Golden Events Group’s Director on the Value of Conferences 

The theme of the weekend was learning how to make a product irresistible, and to drive business by tapping into buyer impulse. Along with the career development piece, there was also a ceremony recognizing the accomplishments of those who made remarkable achievements in the last year. Kaitlin and others on the Golden Events Group leadership team are proud to send high achievers from the firm, knowing how much influence the event will have on their performances. 

“The way that we engage the individual buyer in our marketing campaigns is much more effective than traditional advertising. We’re able to build a sense of trust with consumers, we connect with buyers on an emotional level, and our initiatives are almost impossible to ignore. That said, it can also be very taxing on us as professionals to maintain such a high-energy approach to raising brand awareness,” Kaitlin explained. “Conferences like the one we just returned from help us recharge our batteries, not only with new insights but also with the feeling that we’re part of a larger community of marketing pros who offer a meaningful service.” 

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