Golden Events Group Formalizes Philanthropic Giving Efforts

The holiday spirit of giving is alive and glowing at Golden Events Group. However, recognizing that the need to support the community extends beyond December, this interactive marketing firm has formalized their give-back efforts.

“Philanthropy has always been at the heart of our company culture,” stated Kaitlin, Golden Events Group’s Director of Operations. “Starting this month, we’ve implemented a formal team centered on identifying ways in which we can give back all year long.”

As Kaitlin explained, each month two members of the Golden Events Group team will be tasked with creating a formal plan to support a charitable cause. “This way, we allow each team member to take ownership of our philanthropic goals, which leads to more buy-in and support for the overall team.”

"This way, we allow each team member to take ownership of our philanthropic goals, which leads to more buy-in and support for the overall team."

Kaitlin, Director of Operations

The team members of the month will have the opportunity to identify a specific cause or charity and how the company will support it. “We’re allowing them to use their creative minds and to research the groups and understand their needs,” Kaitlin explained. “They’ll be setting goals specifically for philanthropy, and executing the plan.”

In addition to providing support to a specific group, Kaitlin added that there are benefits derived by both the associates and the company through this process. “For starters, they’re gaining some managerial and leadership experience because they have to come up with a plan for success,” she said. “They have to motivate and encourage other associates to help fulfill these goals.”

So far, the company has sponsored two Christmas “angels,” or children in need. The team went shopping for these children, purchasing them clothing and toys. “We enjoyed this experience because not only was it fun, but we know that two kids will now have a brighter Christmas because we cared.”

In addition to this month’s give-back achievements, Kaitlin shared that during the year, the firm has also supported the Women’s Genesis Shelter’s HeROs Program and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. “Our goals are to continue this into the new year and give back each month of the year,” said Kaitlin.

Golden Events Group Managers Offer Tips for Giving Back as a Team

For companies who wish to follow Golden Events Group’s lead in a formal philanthropic program, Kaitlin shared her words of wisdom. “Start small by getting to know your team and how they respond to volunteering and fundraising,” she stated. “You want this to be something they enjoy, not dread.”

“Team buy-in and input is vital,” Kaitlin added. “You might be helping others, but if your team is not excited about the cause, they are unlikely to deliver their best efforts. You don’t want to have a lackluster showing.”

“My best advice is make it fun, meaningful, and relevant,” she concluded. “If you do that, you’ll find your team will be ready to go the next time.”

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