Golden Events Group Gives Back, Builds Team Culture

The Director of Operations at Golden Events Group detailed a recent giveback event and the importance of supporting the community. She also discussed the firm's goal-setting approach for the new year.

​Company leaders at Golden Events Group are always honored to give back to people in need. They organize a range of giveback events for their associates throughout the year, and they recently helped a great cause in Dallas. Kaitlin, the Director of Operations, stated, “We donated 30 pillows to the Genesis Women’s Shelter, and we look forward to contributing to the group’s mission again soon. It feels good to know we’ve helped a worthy cause, and I know our associates grew closer in the process.”

Kaitlin and the rest of the Golden Events Group leaders understand that giving back to the community is a great morale booster. The Director explained, “We see the benefits as soon as we return to the office. Our team members are dynamic collaborators at all times, but something about the experience of helping people in need inspires them to go above and beyond. People like to know that the companies they work for truly care about the outside world, and we have certainly seen evidence of that here at Golden Events Group.”

"We donated 30 pillows to the Genesis Women's Shelter, and we look forward to contributing to the group's mission again soon."

Kaitlin, Director of Operations

There is no doubt that good publicity emerges from giving back, although that is not the primary motivator for the team at Golden Events Group. Kaitlin commented, “Of course it’s nice to have the public link our company’s name with good work in the community. There are definitely commercial benefits to philanthropic efforts, but the rewarding feeling that comes along with them is more than enough of a reward. Our people always look forward to their next opportunity to support the communities that enable our firm’s success.”

Golden Events Group’s Director of Operations Outlines Ambitious Goals for 2016

“We have just closed the book on a remarkable year of winning results and rapid growth,” said the Director. “The last thing we want to do is allow that positive momentum to go to waste, so we already have a variety of aggressive goals in place for 2016.”

Expanding into major new markets is a point of emphasis for Golden Events Group’s leaders this year. The Director remarked, “I feel we owe it to the brands we promote to explore all options when it comes to growth and expansion. In 2016, we will open vibrant new regions and take our unique interactive promotions to a much wider audience.”

The firm’s leaders will also add to their exceptional group of marketing professionals in 2016. “We know we need to continue growing our team if we hope to reach our ambitious objectives,” Kaitlin concluded. “With that in mind, we are looking for skilled and passionate people who will grow along with our company.”

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