Golden Events Group, Inc. Finds Success Through Culture

The Golden Events Group, Inc. management team has been working to enhance the firm's culture. The company's president, Kaitlin M., indicated that this has helped them achieve new levels of success.

​The branding specialists at Golden Events Group, Inc. produce some impressive campaigns for the brands they represent. Kaitlin credited this to incredible talent. She also noted that they have been able to attract such great personnel thanks to their culture. By focusing their efforts on environment, Kaitlin and her management team drive the firm’s growth.

“Our culture has been a major asset for attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry,” she explained. “The most accomplished and passionate professionals in our space want to work at Golden Events Group, Inc. because we offer such a rewarding environment. For this same reason, our team is extremely motivated and passionate about working here.”

"Our culture has been a major asset for attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry,"

Kaitlin , President

Kaitlin continued to assert that their culture has greatly improved the team’s morale. They trust each other to get the job done because they know each other so well. According to Kaitlin, they host regular social activities such as bowling and group dinners. These events help team members develop deeper relationships.

“Another major cultural benefit we have seen is that people are more flexible,” she continued. “Everyone feels like a part of the team. As such, whenever we need to implement a change in the office, each associate feels a sense of ownership about making that change work.”

All of this combined has made the Golden Events Group, Inc. office an extremely productive environment. Kaitlin’s efforts have resulted in superior communication and cooperation. This means team members work together more fluidly to achieve success as a group. Clearly, this undertaking has proven worthwhile.

Golden Events Group, Inc.s President Discusses Developing Culture

Developing a culture is not easy. According to Kaitlin, it takes daily effort to keep Golden Events Group, Inc. moving in the right direction. She stated that a lot of the process has come down to leading by example.

“Ultimately, I am the one setting the pace for our company culture,” she indicated. “Each team member takes cues from my actions and words. It is not enough to just ask for change, it is necessary to actually live it. Fortunately, making a habit of being a great example becomes easy enough once you get used to it. Success comes down to consistency and commitment.”

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