Golden Events Group, Inc. Shares Customer Service Secrets

At Golden Events Group, Inc., a leading interactive marketing firm, customer service has always been a strong priority. As managers shared, the team is continually trained in providing exceptional service to their customers.

​Kaitlin, Golden Events Group, Inc.’s director of operations stated that the firm places emphasis on customer service training in order to build lasting relationships with customers. “It’s more than just smiling nicely and saying thank you,” she said. “Good service requires empathy.”

“In order to be empathetic, you need to be able to place yourself in their shoes,” Kaitlin explained. “I share with my Golden Events Group, Inc.’s team examples of what it’s like to be in a customer’s situation. We role-play as part of our training. One of our exercises centers on one team member playing the role of the customer, while the other tries to assist him or her.” She continued, “These exercises have two benefits. One associate gets to practice his or her customer service skills, while the other develops empathy toward the customer and what he or she must be experiencing.”

"We try to incorporate some short training throughout the week,"

Kaitlin , Director of Operations

Role-playing also helps team members bond more and work more effectively together to help customers. “We try to incorporate some short training throughout the week,” Kaitlin cited. “This involves a bit of time and energy, but it’s worthwhile to see our people’s thinking become more customer focused.”

Golden Events Group, Inc.’s Manager Describes Customer Service Skills

As Kaitlin noted, Golden Events Group, Inc. training is customer oriented. Therefore, in addition to empathy, leaders train on a variety of skills. “Listening is prime,” she added. “Active listening is the skill we strive most to attain. It involves not only hearing what is said, but also why it is said. The mission is to determine what the other person truly wants.”

“If there’s a problem, the next goal is to find out what would make the customer happy,” Kaitlin explained. “I am surprised at how many businesses that service the public do not make this a priority. For example, their associates become cantankerous when faced with requests or concerned customers. We don’t do that here. The customer is an honored jewel.”

“It goes without saying, I fully believe that exceptional customer service has a profound impact on business,” she concluded. “I can see that it has influenced our continued success, as well as that of the brands we represent. Our dedication to consumers will continue.”

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