Golden Events Group is Expanding Once Again!

Golden Events Group's Director of Operations discussed the firm's expansion into Little Rock, Arkansas and goals for further growth in 2019. She also shared a few tips for ensuring successful teamwork.

​There’s excitement throughout the Golden Events Group office right now, with our latest expansion venture well underway. Kaitlin, the firm’s Director of Operations, has taken eight team members with her to help launch this new location in Little Rock, which offers remarkable potential for the firm and the people behind promoted brands. 

This new addition to Golden Events Group territory will mean advancement opportunities for current team members. Kaitlin explained that it will also open the door to a hiring push. She added that business-minded people with passions for ongoing improvement will feel right at home in the Golden Events Group workspace. Constant learning is a hallmark of the company ethos, with internal training sessions and rewarding travel incentives to advance development.

In the year to come, Kaitlin and the rest of the Golden Events Group leadership team have ambitious goals for further growth. The Director is ready to see what the firm’s top performers can achieve in 2019, especially with a new and thriving market in which to operate. 

Golden Events Group’s Director on Ensuring Productive Teamwork

Collaboration is at the heart of Golden Events Group’s ongoing growth. Kaitlin stated that teamwork has always been a point of emphasis within the company, so she’s learned a few key techniques to keep it at a consistently high level. Setting clear expectations is perhaps the most important of these collaborative behaviors. With an overall mission to rally around and specific duties to guide their efforts, team members are well equipped to combine their unique talents.

Open communication is also vital when it comes to sustaining a strong team culture. Kaitlin explained that regular feedback helps to build trust throughout the Golden Events Group workspace. As they grow more comfortable sharing input with each other, team members become more respectful of their colleagues’ talents. From there, working together toward ambitious goals is second nature.

Listening to different viewpoints is another leading driver of successful teamwork. The Director noted that diverse backgrounds and experiences are celebrated at Golden Events Group HQ. Innovative ideas emerge when many different perspectives are involved. Kaitlin believes that the company has become an industry leader thanks to its supportive team atmosphere in which each member’s experiences fuel winning campaigns.

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