Golden Events Group Maintains an Environment of Success

The Golden Events Group team is performing better than ever, and the company's Director of Operations largely credits this success to a vibrant, cohesive workplace culture.

“Our whole team and company culture are outstanding,” said Kaitlin, Golden Events Group’s Director of Operations. “We are ambitious, motivated, and goal oriented. It truly is an environment of success! Of course, developing and maintaining such as atmosphere requires substantial effort. For instance, I make sure to hire people with similar values.”

According to Kaitlin, learning and growth are considerable aspects of nurturing a positive culture. That’s why she and her fellow leaders offer the Golden Events Group associates plenty of professional and team development opportunities. People not only thrive on an individual basis, but they help each other achieve their goals.

"I'm quite fortunate that my efforts are supported by amazing leaders who are just as committed to nourishing a supportive and uplifting work atmosphere at Golden Events Group,"

Kaitlin , Director of Operations

“As our associates progress, so does our team as a whole,” Kaitlin stated. “As our team advances, so does our business. As our business expands, so do the brands we serve. Then we receive more demand for our services, and we must hire and develop new talent. It’s a beautiful cycle powered by a healthy and empowering office environment.”

“I’m quite fortunate that my efforts are supported by amazing leaders who are just as committed to nourishing a supportive and uplifting work atmosphere at Golden Events Group,” Kaitlin continued. “It may seem as if measuring the outcomes of our team-building and culture-enhancing activities would be difficult because the concepts are so vague. That’s certainly not the case, however! I see definitive results in productivity, innovation, customer service, and more.”

Director of Operations at Golden Events Group Highlights Team-Building Activities

Kaitlin explained that there are numerous ways she keeps the Golden Events Group culture energetic and its team cohesive. However, social events are by far the collective favorites. As an example, the associates recently enjoyed a potluck dinner on a football game night. They watched football, played games, and ate lots of great food. The friendly competition, laughter, and enjoyable meal made for a perfect evening.

“We have some other plans in place as well,” Kaitlin concluded. “We intend to go to Top Golf for our next outing. It’s always a lot of fun there because we get to learn how to golf and compete with each other. Of course, there’s also amazing food involved! I’d love to organize a game of laser tag, too. The last time we went, we broke into teams and had a rousing game. To be honest, though, I think we’d have a blast no matter what we’re doing. It’s part of what makes this group so great!”

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