Golden Events Group on Why to Give Back

Philanthropy is given low priority at some firms. However, at Golden Events Group, it's included in the package. The interactive marketing firm's team makes giving back to the community an ongoing effort.

​​​Kaitlin, Golden Events Group’s director of operations, offered her insights into this philosophy. “Giving back to your community is rewarding on so many fronts. There is the benefit the organization itself receives. There is also the community recognition the firm receives for assisting,” Kaitlin shared. “However, these rewards are surpassed by the experience we receive as a team for making a difference.”

“We focus on this as a team-oriented activity,” Kaitlin said. “We start by discussing the types of organizations or causes that matter to our Golden Events Group crew. For example, we might opt to help students in need or animals at shelters. We might support a hospital or an art museum. There are a variety of charities that are of interest.”

"We identify how we can best support the organization,"

Kaitlin , Director of Operations

This process is followed by vetting the organization. “This is critical,” explained Kaitlin. “We must be confident that we’re supporting verified charities with values that align with ours. This is our name and reputation at stake, too. It’s vital to avoid anything that might be shady or whose underlying mission is far from our principles.”

Finally, once the charity is determined, the team sets goals. “We identify how we can best support the organization,” Kaitlin said. “For example, some places need the help onsite while others need fundraising or supply drives. Either way, we establish metrics to help us gain attain our commitments. This ensures that those we set out to serve receive the best possible responses from our team, as they deserve.”

Golden Events Group Managers Share Tips on How to Give Back

As Kaitlin noted, there are multiple ways professionals can practice philanthropy. “With the holidays fast approaching, toy drives and food drives are excellent opportunities to spread joy,” she said. “Set goals based on how many toys or pounds of food you’d like to collect. Place a bar graph on the wall; you can update it daily or weekly to show progress. Have a contest for those who bring in the most items. Make it fun.”

Another opportunity is to sponsor a youth sports team. “Many people think this is just funding the team’s shirts or equipment expenses in exchange for some advertising,” Kaitlin noted. “It should be more than that. Encourage your associates go to games, and treat the players and coaches to pizza or ice cream afterward. At Golden Events Group, we establish connections to ensure more meaningful experiences.”

“The more effort you put into your philanthropic endeavors increases the likelihood of your firm benefitting as well,” Kaitlin concluded. “This is your incentive to promote giving back as frequently as possible.”

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