Golden Events Group Provides Custom Career Paths

Golden Events Group's Director of Operations discussed the firm's current hiring push and the customized career paths offered. She also detailed the firm's in-depth training Academy.

Golden Events Group continues to expand its operations, which means company leaders are ready to build their team of brand experts. Kaitlin, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We’re looking to hire recent college graduates to join our organization. Our expansion goals for the coming months are ambitious, so we know we need additional talent to turn them into realities.”

Graduates who bring positive attitudes and high degrees of motivation will be the best fits for Golden Events Group. Kaitlin remarked, “We emphasize constant improvement within our workspace, so any additions to our team need to be ready to jump right in and start learning. Anyone who is driven to grow as a professional while helping us reach our firm’s objectives is encouraged to apply through our website.”

Kaitlin believes new graduates bring a few key attributes to the table that make them ideal hires. She explained, “Those who are right out of college are still in learning mode. When it comes to our classroom-style teaching and hands-on education, this is an ideal trait to possess. Recent graduates are also comfortable with emerging technology, which means they’re well suited to thrive in our evolving industry.”

Golden Events Group’s Director of Operations on the Firm’s Comprehensive Training Program

The firm’s immersive training program is known as the Academy, and it puts a premium on real-world experience. New additions to the team are immersed in big projects from their first days and weeks on the job. In the process, they build confidence in their unique skills as they gain the business 101 knowledge they need to thrive in a number of roles.

Along with marketing basics, team members learn a wide range of administrative tasks. Kaitlin added, “The goal is to equip our people to run their own successful offices someday. That’s why we cover all aspects of our operations during the initial training phase. We want to have a full team of self-reliant and confident promotional specialists.”

Ongoing education is also a key part of the Golden Events Group Academy. Kaitlin commented, “We offer classroom-style teaching and hands-on learning throughout our team members’ career journeys. There’s always something new to learn, so we provide our people with virtually unlimited opportunities to further their development.”

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