Golden Events Group Recognized as Top Place to Work

The Director of Operations at Golden Events Group discussed a prestigious honor recently bestowed upon the firm. She also detailed the company's hiring initiative and dedication to extensive training.

​Golden Events Group’s leadership team is always working to maintain an empowering culture for their associates. Their efforts were recently validated by Fair Business Report, which named the firm one of its Top Places to Work for 2016. Kaitlin, the company’s Director of Operations, remarked, “We are humbled to receive this designation, and we are committed to being recognized in this way every single year. Our dedicated and ambitious team members deserve nothing less.”

Fair Business Report give this recognition when a company receives 10 or more positive peer reviews within one calendar year on its website. Organizations that win the award provide exceptional development options, clear advancement pathways, and lots of positive feedback. Philanthropic efforts also factor into the decision, and Golden Events Group’s leaders are devoted to making a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

"We are humbled to receive this designation, and we are committed to being recognized in this way every single year. Our dedicated and ambitious team members deserve nothing less."

Kaitlin, Director of Operations

The Top Places to Work award is also based on coaching and mentorship relationships within a company, which Golden Events Group’s leaders emphasize. Kaitlin stated, “Every new hire receives extensive education and hands-on training, and we also match every addition to our team with a seasoned executive. That way, everyone who joins our hard-working group gets up to speed quickly and can start taking on more responsibility on an accelerated timeline.”

Golden Events Group’s Director of Operations Details Hiring Initiative

With the firm’s continuing success, Golden Events Group’s leaders are looking for business-minded individuals to join their team. “We set clear expectations and offer our people clear pathways to professional advancement,” Kaitlin added. “Our aggressive expansion goals for the coming months will create the need for extra talent, and we are excited to find the brightest candidates and bring them into the fold.”

Constant improvement is a core Golden Events Group principle, and hiring managers will be looking for people who are ready to grow along with the company. “There’s no good reason to maintain the status quo,” the Director stated. “Whether it’s a company or an individual, there is always new ground to cover and improvements to be made. We empower our people to do great things at Golden Events Group, but we also remind them never to rest on their laurels.” Kaitlin and her fellow leaders are stressing growth mind-sets as they train their associates and look for ideal hires.

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