Golden Events Group Returns From Enlightening Conference

Golden Events Group's Director of Operations detailed a conference she attended and the benefits for her firm. She also highlighted some travel opportunities her team members enjoy.

​Kaitlin, the Director of Operations at Golden Events Group, recently attended a rewarding conference in Orange County, California. She explained, “It was a meeting of the minds where top managers discussed company goals for 2016 and beyond. We also talked about how to fix issues we noticed in the last year and continue improving every day. It was an amazing experience, and I gained a lot of valuable insights.”

There were several speakers at the conference, but Kaitlin singled out one as the most inspiring. “Larry, the owner of our supplier company met with us to discuss our current portfolio and our expansion potential,” she added. “With new partners coming onboard in the coming months, big things are in store for Golden Events Group!”

"I know I learned a lot just meeting with other top managers,"

Kaitlin , Director of Operations

The Director and her fellow leaders at Golden Events Group believe the benefits of attending industry conferences make them well worth the effort and expense. “I know I learned a lot just meeting with other top managers,” Kaitlin remarked. “When our associates venture out to big industry gatherings, they get to share best practices and learn new tricks of the trade. Not only that, they get to make meaningful connections that pay off in the forms of unexpected opportunities well down the road. There’s truly no downside to taking part in these types of events.”

Golden Events Group’s Director Highlights Company Travel Opportunities

“Our team members have many chances to go on amazing excursions,” Kaitlin stated. “National conferences happen quarterly, so they are always competing for the right to attend those. We also offer yearly getaways for our top performers, with destinations including Cancun, Mexico and the Bahamas. Past trips have also seen our people go to Jamaica and Puerto Rico.”

The Director is visiting some other offices in Tampa, Florida. She consults with them and she sometimes brings others along for these trips. She explained, “Cindy, one of my campaign managers, is on this trip with me. She gets to experience what it’s like to help another office improve their profitability and expansion projections, and she even gets to check out Tampa’s beaches!”

Wherever her team members go, Kaitlin has one piece of essential advice. “Make sure to bring plenty of notebooks,” she concluded. “You have to learn as much as possible and network to build your rolodex of mentors.”

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