Golden Events Group Travels to the Dominican Republic

Golden Events Group's associates enjoy many benefits of travel. The firm's Director of Operations discussed several positive outcomes that resulted from a recent R&R retreat to the Dominican Republic.

“This trip was all-inclusive, and we certainly made the most of it,” said Kaitlin, the Golden Events Group Director of Operations. “There was a lot of beach time and we ate at all sorts of restaurants. We hung by the pool and did some local sightseeing as well. Perhaps most memorable for me, however, was the ceremony where I won the Consistency Manager of the Year Award.”

Kaitlin said that she and her colleagues did a lot of networking during the retreat as well. Many of the top leaders in the nation were present at the event, so several introductions were made and existing relationships were nurtured. They discussed all the latest best practices too. These contacts are sure to benefit Golden Events Group for the long-term.

“Since we’ve returned to the office, we’ve followed up with all our contacts from the excursion,” stated Kaitlin. “It only takes a few minutes to forward an interesting article via email, send a quick text, or connect on social media. Doing so opens doors to exciting opportunities.”

Golden Events Group Director of Operations Explains How Business Travel Influences Team-Building

Even as the associates developed their relationships with other industry professionals, they strengthened their bonds with one another. The more cohesive the group, the greater the trust, motivation, and morale both in and out of Golden Events Group.

“Business travel emphasizes leadership and teamwork as well,” Kaitlin continued. “For example, if we have trouble navigating an unfamiliar place, one of our party will step up and take the lead – ultimately getting us where we need to be. If a colleague is expected to give a speech, on the other hand, we’ll all come together to aid the preparation.”

According to Kaitlin, innovative breakthroughs also arise through business travel. Visiting exciting places empowers people to approach challenges from different points of view. Learning about new places and other ways of life pushes people out of their normal thinking patterns. As their brains work differently, they inevitably produce fresh ideas.

“The fact of the matter is that business travel directly affects performance and efficiency – in positive ways,” JC concluded. “This is proven with every trip we take, and it’s my motivation for sending my people to conferences and retreats in the first place. I’m confident that other business leaders who do the same will benefit in similar ways.”

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