Max is Making His Mark on Golden Events Group

Golden Events Group associates are proud to announce that Max has earned a promotion into management. The firm's Director shared her thoughts on what makes Max successful, and discussed some elements of a growth mind-set.

“Max is the best! He never stops reaching for the sky, and his dedication to our team has made him a great asset,” stated Kaitlin, Golden Events Group’s Director of Operations. She continued to note that Max has put incredible hard work, effort, and perseverance into his career from the beginning to now. Since starting out as an intern, he successfully moved into management within eight months of going full-time, earning him this team member highlight. He now leads his own team of twelve associates and has six events that he’s running. Kaitlin noted that Max shows immense promise and that she can’t say enough good things about him.

In his new Golden Events Group role, Max will have some new responsibilities. For example, he will be a bigger part of the interviewing and onboarding process for the whole organization, and be expected to help develop innovative strategies that keep our recruiting process on the cutting edge. Also, he will help plan weekly team meetings, which serve as both a way to motivate associates and also a time to educate them on such topics as the sales process, customer service, and marketing strategies. Of course, administrative tasks such as payroll will be included in Max’s new duties as well, with Kaitlin expressing confidence that he is more than up to the challenge.

"Max is the best! He never stops reaching for the sky, and his dedication to our team has made him a great asset,"

Kaitlin, Director of Operations

Golden Events Group’s Director on Traits of a Growth Mind-Set

Max’s rapid growth and subsequent promotion was no accident; there are traits that he shares with other high achievers that all Golden Events Group team members would do well to emulate, according to Kaitlin. Perhaps most importantly, Max is always hungry for knowledge, both what he can learn about the industry, and a better understanding of his own motivations as well. This allows him to align his desired outcomes with company objectives.

Another way that Max shows his willingness to learn is by seeking feedback from trusted coaches. By staying humble and accepting advice from those who are further along in their career journeys, Max has been able to capture their wisdom which he applies to accomplish his own goals even faster. 

Max is an inspiration to many in the Golden Events Group office, and the entire team is excited to see what he accomplishes next. 

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